Top 5 Caregiving Stories this Week

My favorite 5 caregiving stories this week
Roundup of top 5 stories for caregivers this week.



My six year old son and I have been on spring break this week, so I feel a little out of the loop on what’s happening in the world. I was inspired by all of the #Every66Seconds someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s disease tweets, so a few of my favorites this week are related to dementia care. The tweets were both beautiful and heartbreaking.


These are my five favorites from this week as well as what’s new on the blog and some of my posts on dementia. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Are You Going Broke Caring for a Loved One With Dementia? – I have to say, this article was eye-opening. Many caregivers are cutting back on their own necessities from medication to food to help pay for the expenses of a person living with dementia. This is heartbreaking, though not totally shocking. As someone who lives with chronic illness, I know how expensive it can be to be sick, from co-pays to medication and tests that aren’t 100% covered. Some of the extra dementia-care expenses include adult diapers, non-medical equipment and paid caregivers, to name a few line items. It saddens me that family caregivers are sacrificing so much more than their time and well-being. Hopefully, there will come a time when more support is provided to these caregiving warriors.


  1. Critical Conditions: The 8 Rules Every Caregiver Must Follow When A Loved One is Hospitalized  – The tips are based on author Martine Ehrenclou’s new book, “Critical Conditions: The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive.”  These rules are practical, yet essential for ensuring the best care for a loved one – or yourself – during a hospital stay.


  1. Book Review: The Family Caregivers Collection  – This post reviews three books written by Harriet Hodgson for caregivers. I haven’t read the books yet, but after reading this review, I plan to pick them up. The first book, “The Family Caregiver’s Guide”, is a guide for managing day-to-day issues as well as new issues that may arise, as well as self-care. There are also two more books in the series, one focuses on affirmations and the other is a journal. I plan to check these out, so I thought I’d share with you, in case it sparks your interest as well.


  1. Tips for New Caregivers – While these tips seem like common sense, we don’t always do them. The biggest takeaway to me was to plan ahead. This doesn’t just apply to caregivers. Spouses should have conversations addressing the “what ifs” early and often as well. Sadly, this week, I lost a cousin to a sudden heart attack. He was a healthy 53 year old man. He and his wife had not had the “what if I die” conversation because, well, he was young. She is now playing catch up at the worst possible time. It was a reminder to me and my husband that we need to share passwords, etc. so that we are better prepared.


  1. After 60 Years Painting in the Shadows, Overbrook Woman Finally Gets a Solo Show – This is a sweet fun profile of a 98 year-old-woman who has been painting for 60 years and continues to enjoy it. It’s just a nice, fun reminder to never give up the things you love just because you’re getting older.

If you are looking for additional information on dementia, I have a post on cognitive decline versus Alzheimer’s disease  and one on connecting with a family member with dementia.


Also, if you missed my blog posts this week, I covered Relating to a Parent in a Care Facility, 10 Signs of Caregiving StressManaging Care While You’re Away and Three Minutes, Three Clean Spaces.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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