Top 5 Caregiving Stories This Week

30. September 2016 Weekly Roundup 0

Roundup Of My Favorite Stories For Caregivers


My favorite 5 caregiving stories this week
Roundup of top 5 stories for caregivers this week.



As a busy caregiver, you don’t have a lot of time to read up on topics of interest to you. Don’t worry. I’ve gathered my favorite caregiving stories to help you catch up.


This has been a week where I have had to be the caree and I have to say, it can be really hard to ask for help. At least in my case, there is an end in sight, but for our family members who need caregiving assistance, they usually don’t get to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Know that they appreciate you, even if they have a tough time expressing it. It can be incredibly difficult for an otherwise independent person to have to rely on others.



Study: Family Caregivers For Elderly Need Help, Too: My favorite takeaway from the article is “Instead of delivering “patient-centered” care, health-care providers should adopt “family-centered” models that include checking with caregivers to ensure they are healthy and capable of filling the role.” There needs to be drastic changes to how the elderly and caregivers are cared for in this country. Hopefully, we’ll see change in the near future.



What To Do If Your Aging Parent Becomes Difficult: This article provides useful information on why it is important to seek a dementia diagnosis if you suspect dementia in an aging parent (behavior changes can be a sign of dementia).



Coping With The Emotional Challenges Of Caregiving A Parent: This is a really great article about the reality of being your parent’s caregiver – from jumping in with enthusiasm to feeling scared and overwhelmed. I also address caregiver emotions, as well as the emotional side of aging.


5 Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Start Your Caregiving Journey: I remember when I had my first child, I thought, why didn’t anyone tell me how hard this would be? I think the same goes for caregiving. People don’t want to express their true feelings because they are worried that it will make them seem like a terrible person. It is so unfortunate. We should all be able to accept that there are difficult, uncomfortable situations and even if you truly love someone, you can experience negative emotions sometimes.


10 Tips for Making Your Home Old-Age Friendly: This article outlines what you should look for in making it possible to age in place in your home. Considerations such as the ability to access services nearby and the ability to put in ramps or wheelchair accessibility are important considerations. You can also check out my suggestions for helping your parents age in place for additional recommendations.




In case you missed them, here are my posts for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!


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