Top 5 Caregiving Stories for the Week

My favorite 5 caregiving stories this week
Roundup of top 5 stories for caregivers this week.



Well, here’s to another week gone. I hope you had a wonderful week, or if not, at least had some positive moments in your days. Here are my five favorite stories for caregivers this week. Enjoy!


  1. 7 Totally Free Ways to Be Happy: It doesn’t have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to find happiness. This article has some great suggestions on things that you can do today to be happy. The best part? They don’t cost a dime. My favorite is do something nice for someone. I always feel good when I make someone smile. You can also check out this post on the 8 Things Happy People Do or this one on small ways to find joy.


  1. Time Management for the Overcommitted Caregiver: This article includes useful tips on juggling the many tasks of caregiving. My favorite tips are learn to say no and use respite care/adult day care. It is a truly underutilized service that can be good for both the caregiver and caree. If you need additional time management tips, I offer some 3 minute time management tips and caregiving shortcuts.


  1. Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s, But Who is Taking Care of You?: This article addresses the importance of support groups for caregivers, particularly for someone caring for a patient with dementia. It can be difficult to get out to a group, so if you aren’t able to physically get support, look into virtual support groups. Just connecting with others who share your struggles can positively impact your well-being.


  1. 5 Practical Ways to Beat Caregiver Stress: This article gives practical ways for caregivers to de-stress to prevent burnout. If you don’t care for yourself, you can’t care for others. For more tips on ways to beat caregiver stress, check out my 3 minute self-care tips and 10 signs of caregiver stress.


  1. What if Residents Decided How Their Nursing Home Would Run?: I love this article! It features a nursing home that provides patient-centered care. Residents can wake up and eat when they’d like. They have the freedom to cook meals and live how they would in their own home. It would be wonderful if all nursing homes operated this way.


And in case you missed them, here are my blog posts for the week:

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Have a wonderful weekend!





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