Three Minutes, Three Trash Bags

Take the 3 minute challenge to make a dent in your to do list.
Take the 3 minute challenge to make a dent in your to do list.



Have you been following the three minute series? If you’ve missed it, here are the first and second installments.


I don’t know about you, but due to my busy schedule and the people who live with me, my house looks like a paper and clutter bomb went off inside. Since I can never get enough time to go through everything, I’m trying to set aside time for small bursts.


Here are this week’s three minutes, three clutter-busters:


3 Minute Trash Pick Up

Two years ago, I bought a straightening iron. I kept the box since I bought it at a discount store and wasn’t sure it would work. The box is still in my room. Today, I did a three minute trash pickup challenge. Grab a trash bag, set your timer and see how many items you can get in your bag in those three minutes.


With such a limited amount of time, you’ll want to just stick to high-visibility areas. You can go with your mail pile or just do a quick sweep of a certain part of your house.


How much can you gather? Here’s what I gathered:

My three minute trash collection.
My three minute trash collection.


3 Minute Car Clean Up

I live in a condo complex and my car is parked in the garage downstairs, so I hate to deal with cleaning it out since I don’t have a lot of space to work and it is dark and cold in the garage.


For this challenge, I’m going to take two bags to the car – one for trash and one for things that need to be brought back upstairs. Hopefully, I’ll fill the bags in my three minutes and my car will finally start looking less like a trash can.


Bathroom Clean Out

We already discussed doing a quick bathroom clean up, but this is a different clean up. A few weeks ago, I was dying my hair, so I stayed in the bathroom so that I wouldn’t get hair dye on my furniture. Since I was trapped in my bathroom for 20 minutes, I took a trash bag in with me and went through the drawers and my bathroom vanity and threw out anything expired or old and cosmetics I no longer use. I ended up filling up three trash bags!


Take a bag into the bathroom and see how much you can do in three minutes.


Are you taking my three minute challenge? I’d love to hear how it’s going!




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