Three Minutes, Three Sanity Savers

3 minutes, 3 sanity savers
Got 3 minutes, try these three quick sanity savers to re-set your frame of mind.



Last week I started my three minute series with quick clean ups. How did it go? Did you make some headway? If you give it a go a few times a week, it can really make a difference!


This week, I figured I’d focus on sanity savers, since as caregivers, you spend just about every minute taking care of someone else’s needs. Surely, you can spare three minutes to take care of your own.


Here are my favorite quick sanity savers:


  1. Stop and Breathe: I have a few apps on my cell for meditation and mindfulness, but they are all 10-15 minutes, so I thought I’d check around and see if there are any three minute versions for those of us who can’t take 10 minutes right now. We’re in luck! A quick Google search brought up several, so here are my top three:



  1. Express Gratitude: Sometimes we spend all of our time focusing on the troubles we have and we don’t think of the good we have in our lives. Even on a bad day, at least you woke up and were able to get out of bed. Take three minutes and write down a few things you are grateful for to re-set your frame of mind.


  1. Write Out Some Goals: When we’re so busy living in the day-to-day, focusing on someone else’s needs, we forget to think about we want. Perhaps you’ve had to put your life on hold due to a family member’s illness or inability to care for him/her self. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still plan your own future, it just may take longer and require more planning to accomplish your goals. Do you want to learn a new language, learn to play the piano or write a book? These are all things that can be done at home with a little time carved out each day. Having something to look forward to will help you have a more positive outlook.


In case you missed the first three minute challenge, you can find it here.


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