Keeping Your Parents Safe from Fraud

04. March 2016 Safety 0
  Sadly, we live in a world where there are people who look to take advantage seniors. They know that the older generation tends to be more trusting and take advantage of their trust in several ways.   Here are a few scams or criminal activity to warn your parents about – or be cautious ...

Should Your Aging Parents Still Drive?

01. March 2016 Safety 2
Should Your Aging Parents Still Drive?
Signs Your Aging Parent is an Unsafe Driver   For six months, I had a sweet, 88 year old man call my company every 2-3 weeks, asking different questions about our senior transportation service. He would tell me he was planning to have his wife stop driving soon, so he was gathering information. Sadly, one ...

Can Your Medication be Making You Fall?

26. February 2016 Safety 0
  Falls are one of the most common causes of trips to the emergency room for seniors. Some result in minor bruising, while others can result in major health consequences such as broken hips, or worse. Once you’ve addressed the fall risks in the home, you may want to take a look at other potential ...

Fall Prevention Room by Room

10. February 2016 Safety 2
Fall Prevention Room by Room
How to reduce falls in the home to protect your aging parent from broken bones   Did you know falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults? So how can you help your aging parents make their home fall-safe?   First, you ...