Where Caregivers Can Turn For Emotional Support

30. August 2017 Health 1
Where Caregivers Can Turn For Emotional Support
Handling the Emotional Side of Caregiving   Most caregivers step up to the plate because they love their caree. Sometimes, the process of becoming a caregiver is slow as a parent begins the aging process and other times it happens quickly due to a fall or illness. One thing that many caregivers don’t anticipate is ...

Depression and Caregiving

26. July 2017 Health 0
Depression and Caregiving
How to Handle Depression When You Are A Caregiver   While being a caregiver doesn’t automatically lead to depression, depression can happen when you are a caregiver. Caregiving is a stressful situation filled with many emotional challenges. It isn’t surprising that caregivers can go through depression, even if you’ve never struggled with depression before.   ...

Is Your Aging Parent Eating Well?

15. March 2017 Health 0
Is Your Aging Parent Eating Well?
  Ensure Your Aging Parent Has A Balanced Diet   If your aging parent lives alone, there is a chance that he or she is not getting proper nutrition. As we get older, our appetite decreases. If your aging parent is also dealing with health or depression issues, they may not have the energy or ...

How Caregivers Should Handle Hospitalization

16. February 2017 Health 1
How Caregivers Should Handle Hospitalization
  Questions for Caregivers and Preparation for the Return Home   Hospitalization can be stressful to both the caregiver and the caree. The fact that your loved one was sick enough to require hospitalization is upsetting. Dealing with doctors, nurses and uncertainty is stressful. Not knowing what to expect when you get home is overwhelming. ...

Caregiving When You’re Sick

03. November 2016 Health 0
How to Care for Someone Else When You Don’t Feel Well       Cold and flu season are in full effect. Hopefully, you’ve already gotten a flu shot to protect you and your caree and are taking precautions to keep yourself healthy. Even if you’re keeping up on germ reduction, unfortunately, caregivers are at ...

Eat for Your Brain Health

26. October 2016 Health 0
Food That Enhances Brain Function       As we age, our cognitive function can decline. You don’t have to allow this to happen. There are things you can do to improve brain function, from doing regular brain challenges to exercise and diet changes.   Here are some foods to include in your diet to ...

Keep Aging Parents Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

12. October 2016 Health 1
A Cold Or Flu Could Have A Major Impact On The Elderly. Help Your Loved One Stay Healthy.       As someone with an autoimmune disease who takes immune system suppressants to control my condition, I am well-versed on the importance of preventing colds and especially the flu. Like the elderly, the flu can ...

Long Wait Times at Medical Appointments

29. September 2016 Health 0
How To Maximize Your Time When You Are Waiting On A Doctor       A few weeks ago, I had a medical appointment in a new office. I literally waited four hours before seeing the doctor. I was so annoyed with myself for not bringing much with me so the time was wasted. Of ...

Techniques For A Better Night’s Sleep

26. September 2016 Health 2
Sleep Hygiene To Help With Sleep Problems     I have had a really difficult time with sleep lately, so I thought I’d do some homework on tactics to get a better night’s sleep. I figure, if I am having sleep challenges, people who are in the trenches of caregiving are probably struggling as well. ...